Say yes to crackers

The entire nation gears up for the festival of lights meanwhile I’m coming across posts against crackers. For those who sayS diwali is the main reason for the pollution,DUDE WHERE WERE YOU? When Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant was constructed. When the whole state was facing water crisis and coca cola happily granted to exploit the ground water.
Diwali is just one day 0.27% of the year. The pollution comes from 99.6% days of poor planning and regulations of us.pollution is caused by industries and vehicles 24/7 and people do not consider it a big problem, but bursting crackers for one day makes everyone go mad regarding its pollution. if you really Wanna make ” create a pollution free environment” then don’t prefer four wheeler for single person, two-wheeler for short distance… some says bursting crackers effects animals, so sledging the animal and eating mutton briyani and using leather products is all right? what discourse in their own thought.. i don’t get it…
Celebrities who posted #bancrackers#pollutionfree… they burst crackers for their wedding celebration, movie promotion, new year parties…
And the actress who said #saveanimals#bancrackes.. They were the one who acted on the ads of promoting leather bags
shoes. Problems are these celebrities consider only dog and cats as animals, goats, hen and other species are not animals for them. i would say they should publish their scientific definition of animals.

Diwali without crackers is like christmas without tree, bakr-eid without goats, holi without colors.
let us celebrate this festival the way we want to. It is our tradition, we have been following for 300 years.

Many 90s kids would fondly recall going to shop with their parents to choose their tikili guns, loading them with tiny gun powder – covered rolls and fired them. Remember how we put an “atom bomb” under a tin can and watched it fly, bit by bit, as the bomb exploded? When that rocket you lit ricocheted into the neighbor’s terrace and setting fire and bursting flower pots seeing lights in many colors and The curiosity of bursting crackers with neighbors and relatives made us happy. It’s all the beautiful memories. These are the moments when our families neighbours get together and bursting crackers and go back to our childhood. A large group of people is still living under the poverty line. They cannot go to an expensive restaurant, throw parties at home or even buy a lot of clothes in the festive seasons. But almost everyone can afford to buy Diwali crackers and this is why they will always have a big role in India’s festive season.


i have to say, banning crackers are not a good idea. Please, think about the those 700,000 workers of sivakasi who have no other option but to depend on cracker business.The economy of the whole district depending on the cracker business.
despite this ban, Chinese fireworks are being smuggled into India and sold with false labels. these fire workers were inexpensive and contained copious quantities of potassium chlorate. its a volatile chemical that can ignite and explode spontaneously. there is a politics behind.. with no proper knowledge about crackers please don’t post anything against it



End revenge porn

Screen-Shot-2014-04-05-at-2.09.20-PM (1)

Isn’t she in that video?
Oh yeah, if I were in her shoe I would have died.
I wouldn’t have come out like this!
Shameless bitch she is.
Yes, my video is trending on social media now. Yes, that had been taken in my bathroom several months earlier.
It wasn’t as bad as being on a porn site. The boys found it more real than aunty adventure Bhabhi’s sex appeal porn stars videos on porn hub. And that’s how my video was the treat to their lusty eyes. They enjoyed but as my video spreading all over I felt exposed, disgusted with myself, I surrendered all my passions. I thought that’s the end of my life. I fell into a depression, suicidal ideations. I’m totally shattered. Whenever I go out, the large gathering of people made me incredibly nervous. I found avoiding eye contact with everyone in the place. The one question that haunt me is: did they also see my video?
It was my tremendous fear mixed with my own shame that prevented me from raising my voice against it and coming forward.
That’s the voice of several women, women? oh sorry even teen girl’s voice in our society. women who trusted her boyfriend, friend, and the society. it’s really sad to see that men couldn’t even know how to handle break ups. the only thing that they know is to shame the girl in internet by spreading her nude pictures, videos their intimate moments. grow up men this would never end us from achieving our passions.
Surveys says 1 in 100 girls going through revenge porn issues if we remain silent this would lead to 1 in 10. They have had most their adult life overshadowed by abuse both in online and in person.
We’re living in a society where a victim is considered as a criminal rather than punishing the one who committed the crime.
we have enough source offering session how to protect ourselves from revenge porn but nowhere I have seen teaching boys not to do this shitty things against women.
You don’t be in a shell come out and fight for your body. Don’t let this happen any more. End revenge porn, Our body is not a mere sexual object, but it’s a weapon
       Don’t be fear
       You’re a fire.

What does the F-word mean?


I came across the post and the caption, abusing a girl who holds a cigarette in her hand. Probably she is a schoolgirl and I know the person who posted so I asked him the reason for posting it with such a hatred. But I’m not satisfied with his answers all I asked him was will he post if it was his sister or friend? If he is not a gender biased, he would have posted a boys picture who smokes in public places or If he really concerned about the health problems among the youngsters, he would have joined in the campaign who really works to eradicate the smoking habit among the people. I could sense that his problem is she is a girl so she should not smoke. so the quarrel results in abusing me “fucking feminist” and his statement “the world would be a better place if there is no feminist” and with some swear words.
Yes, She smokes, She consumes alcohol.
      Tell her it is not good for health, don’t tell her she is a Woman.
I wonder why this much hatred towards feminism.
What does The F-Word feminism mean?
There has been a lot of confusion about the word “feminism” Though feminists repeatedly insist that their goal is gender equality, critics continue badgering them with accusations of hating men.
Even I often got confused with the word “feminism”.
The Merriam Webster defines “the theory of political, economical, social equality of the sexes”. By this description I just wanted to identify my myself as “feminist”, but modern day feminism has taken a different path and misleads women that I couldn’t relate to and it results where I afraid to claim myself as a feminist.
Yes, I do drive Royal Enfield, Roam late night, I wear shirt.
      Not because i wanna prove that i can do whatever he does, but to prove, I do what I love. And thats where feminism comes.
Feminism never encourage women to do what men can. the real feminism encourage women to do what she loves and to achieve her passion without gender biased.
Well the feminism’s notion nothing to do with hatred of men, but why so many people believe feminism hates men and why they are not.
yes fem
It seriously doesn’t teach us to hate all the men existing in this world, in fact, hatred is something so negative that shouldn’t be brought into the concept of feminism.
Feminism never meant to create divisions, it meant to break them. It creates an environment where everyone can feel equal.

for the love of reading…


In the world of 7 billion people I always feel lonely. I have a few friends who never failed to draw a smile on my face. They are my support system, my life, my everything but still there is something missing! That’s the phrase which always haunts me “Nothing is permanent” but when I could see the truth the care the love in their eyes then why should I hang on the fear of losing friends? I realised one thing I can’t expect my friends company all the time since they have their own life and things. I always wonder isn’t anything which is permanent. And there comes my love for reading. No matter where my fate throw me far I would always get back my love of reading. When I’m down, there would be my book which never fails to lit my mood. I never feel low when I’m reading.

We read to know we are not alone says C.S.Lewis.

how true the saying is. I could always relate to it since I go through many situations that make me feel joy, stress, excitement, disappointment at certain points I don’t know how to express my feelings to others. Then all these feelings contained in myself and I think no one is capable of understanding what I feel. All I wanted is to get away from the reality and there reading allows me to explore the fictional world and pretend to be someone else who feels same way as I do. A book is no less than a friend where you could always connect with it, it could change your whole life. When you’re reading a book, you never feel alone you would always surround with some positivity. When you read more, you could create a world of yours and live your life the way you want. .

Yes, I’m a slut

Slut is generally a term for a woman/man (oh no wonder please, why not man can be called a slut, even Chaucer himself addressed a man’s behaviour as sluttish in his the Canterbury tales) slut who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous.
So, this is a clear definition of the word ‘slut’ according to dictionary. Now, let me tell you the new definition according to our people

I’m 22 and still haven’t had sex , yet you are calling me a slut, a bit confusing right?
As for the term ‘slut’ sometimes it’s use had no connection to sexual activity. It was a way to say “you’re different from me” “I don’t like you”. A word used to shame and silence and attack women. Its about misogyny. It’s about shutting women down and hurt her feelings

A Male gaze should not define women, so what if a girl is showing off her flat tummy or she’s wearing a tight dress? Do you know how much confidence it takes to steps out into a world knowing that people will put her down by calling her a slut

You called me a slut, because I’m different from you.

You called me a slut, because I wear cropped top and tight jeans.

You called me a slut, because I said no to you.

You called me a slut, because I had a courage to question you.

You called me a slut, because I have male friends.

You called me a slut, because I talk about women’s rights and women’s empowerment

You called me a slut, because I’m a feminist AF.

You called me a slut, because I write about women’s body.

You called me a slut, because I talk about sex and its awareness.

You called me a slut, because my bra strap was visibled.

You called me a slut, because I do what I want and I be myself who I am.

According to you, since I’m a woman I shouldn’t have done this all. But I did, you called a slut.
No matter how hard I try to take back ” slut Shame” people will still use it to shit on me.
When you slut shame, you give more power to me. I will not be ashamed I will continue it

I’m sincerely grateful to those who have slut shamed me actually they have made me the empowered woman I am today.
If this actions defines me slut
Yes, I am a slut and proud to be a ‘slut’.



Are the bodies of the Tamil Nadu people more resilient?
Or do we have a higher resistance to pollution?

When Maharashtra said no to sterlite then why yes to Tamil Nadu?

Thoothukudi may not your place, Tamil Nadu may not your state. it may not your livelihood issues and so if your remained silent, One day it may knock your door too.

On March 23, 2013, people of Thoothukudi did not wake to a cheerful, pleasant morning after a good sleep, they were woken up by their itchy eyes, suffocating, smarting and burning throat, people couldn’t even breathe properly. So are you wondering why? Nothing but ongoing maintenance activities at Sterlite Industries and a gas leak

Sterlite, a Vedanta group firm, is a major copper smelter. It was planned for Maharashtra but It was forced out of the state by protests. People were well aware that sulphur dioxide is a byproduct of smelting since the effluent is considered toxic it would cause death, it has a corrosive effect on the skin and eye and can permanently damage the respiratory system.
As they got the jackpot, Authorities of Tamil Nadu allowed it to Thoothukudi, knowing it would affect people with cause damage to the genetic structure, leading to mutation Now no wonder why residents of Thoothukudi have been demanding the closure of the plant people posting with #bansterlite  May 22, a black day for us, at least 12 people have so far lost their lives in Tamil Nadu as a protest against the expansion of sterlite copper plant. As many as 6o others were injured following clashes between the demonstrators and policies. when police retaliated with bullets how could we expect humanity? The protest was to save people from a copper smelter not from the cop’s bullets.Our protest is not just for our livelihoods but for our very existence.

The one question that haunt me is Are all protests going to end with people dying?

so this is the state of our country? isn’t it our authorities job to take care of our people ?

Don’t shut up

Shut the poor system down

Break the silence, raise your voice.

Dear central government,

Methane project,
Hydro carbon project
Nuclear power plant
Sterlite industry

Enough please,  Tamil Nadu people are not your albino rats.

#bansterlite #savethoothukudi

for the love of books…



In this World book day, I thought of writing about my experiences with book, but, I didn’t know where to start but one thing know this wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t write about my dad. I have a lot of things to thank my dad, but probably none more than my love of books. It’s a greatest gift I got it from my dad “the joy of reading books” which can’t be described in words. since he is an atheist, we had a mini library in our house instead of pooja room which I proudly say. A Few from his collections “History of Periyar and his principles, Books about Ambedkar, annadurai, Prabhakaran, Tholargaludan, Veeram vilaindhadhu, Vaada malar, Ponniyan selvan, Pardhipan kanavu; Pattam poochi; Cheguvera and his letters; and books related to Russian Revolution etc. i feel regret for not reading anything from his collections except one or two. He was a great reader who finish up a novel in a day and used to share his view about it. I still remember the days when my dad used to buy me a story books and motivates me to read, I could see the transformation within myself what starts with reading story books when I’m a kid turns into reading novels and books as a grownup.  He says books are a kind of assets and so when it comes to book, he never cares how much money he spends. He always say, reading book gives you the much needed break from the choas in your life. Thank you Dad. Thank you for being such an inspiration.



I should agree one thing I’m not a voracious reader. when my dad asked me to read” Ponniyan selvan” which was my first novel, I refused to read, that would be the feel of any school going girl to read 2600 page novel in summer vacation, as days goes by, a reader within me popped up, I fell in love with the novel I would say. Just like a first love I still remember the first novel that I read, the excitement I felt when surging inside as turning a page, the touch and the heavenly aroma that I felt as filping the pages, words would fail to describe it, it is a kind of feeling one need to experience it.  wow how true the statement “a reader lives thousand lives before he dies” yeah I literally lived the life of the character Vandiyadhevan throughout the 2600 pages. when you spend several hours reading a book, you create a world of your own. without ever having to leave home, I have travelled to many places through the eyes of the character which one can only dream of. If I started to write about “Ponniyan selvan” I would write for pages and pages i should stop here, rest you should read and experience it. This is an addiction which should be embraced and passed on to many others.



The writing “books” is the most remarkable creation of man. Nothing else that he created ever lasts. Monuments fall; civilization grow old and die; Cultures and Traditions slowly fades, Nation perish; man itself would destroy all the natural resources; Even to tell the beauty of the Monuments and arts one should write about it and that should be read by others. Every single Man-made thing is mortal but books are Immortal, Happy World book day..<3